Mission and Vision


The Palliative Care Association of Colombia (ASOCUPAC) es an non-profit interdisciplinary association of qualified professionals that have experience in the clinical aspects, research, and organization of Palliative Care with a powerful drive to come together to work towards the development and the implementation of palliative care in all levels of health care in Colombia..


The Palliative Care Association of Colombia intends to become a non-government leader in Colombia that helps build the Palliative Care vision of institutions and establishing clear sanitary policies that change the way patients are tended to, treated and taken care of.

Board of Directors

Main Board

  • Juan Carlos Hernández. Presidente. Bogotá.
  • John Jairo Franco. Vicepresidente. Cali
  • Clara Elisa Reyes Piñeros. Secretaria. Cali
  • Yohanny Andrade P. Tesorero. Cali
  • María Mercedes Fajardo. Fiscal. Cali


  • Mercedes Franco G. Cali
  • Mábel Franco Hernández. Cali
  • Miguel Antonio Sánchez. Bogotá
  • Arno Federico Bromet. Cali
  • Jaime Gallego López. Armenia


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